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Some Thoughts on the New Doctor

Once Capaldi settled down, I was impressed. I am also excited about a Doctor who is more serious than Matt Smith and I like the idea that he will be correcting his past mistakes. It will be a very good opportunity for universe building and character depth. The outfit suits, the new tardis is serious looking. I’ve always wanted a war doctor and Capaldi is probably the closest I’m going to get.


1 thought on “Some Thoughts on the New Doctor

  1. I’m a little late to the party on the new Doctor, having only seen the first episode so far. But I have to agree, I find him a refreshing change from Matt Smith- I like the seriousness of him so far. I’m not 100% on the Tardis changes, but I’m willing to wait and see if it grows on me.

    I’ll report back after I’ve watched the FOUR additional episode’s I’m behind at the moment.

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