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How Goldfinger Bound Sci-Fi to James Bond | Tor.com

I am a inveterate James Bond fan, and I have always claimed that JB is solidly science fiction. Ryan Britt over at Tor.com agrees.

…Goldfinger is a way more serious sci-fi movie than Moonraker, insofar as any James Bond movie can be called a ‘serious’ anything. It tries a little harder than some of the films that follow it. In 1964 lasers were still novel, and the scheme of using radiation on gold seems more clever and complicated than several subsequent Bond-baddie plans. Plus, because the Aston-Martin is a real car, and everything about the car chase is realistic, it’s exciting. The Bond films would temporarily forget how to do this, and un-ironically or not gave James Bond an invisible car in 2002’s Die Another Day. I’ll say it again: the cool car that he drives is something we can’t actually see.

I’ve laid my own eyes on a silver DB5, and it made me squee.


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