The Problems with rebooting ReBoot

Over at, Natalie Zutter discusses “Why We Shouldn’t Reboot ReBoot”.

One of Hefferon’s big arguments was the need to update ReBoot’s structure, plot, and pop culture/technology references for a 21st-century, post-social media, cloud-inhabiting audience. Not only do these kids not know what the original ReBoot was like, but they didn’t grow up playing the kinds of single-player computer games that marked you as a User, the sprites’ eternal, existential enemy. Or, if you want to delve into the jokes behind various characters’ names: “I don’t think too many people would remember what a Dot Matrix [printer] is anymore,” Hefferon said by way of example.

Hell, by the time I was watching the show, I hardly knew what a dot matrix printer was! I used the Ray Tracer search engine for a hot second before Google monopolized that corner of the Internet, and I never even laid eyes on a capacitor, but nonetheless I appreciated the characters named for those. You didn’t have to know all of a computer’s guts by heart to appreciate ReBoot’s technological references.

While I would agree with most of Zutter’s points, I think a reboot of ReBoot would be a great thing. ReBoot was one of those rare shows that not just broke new ground, but created its own niche. It’s nostalgia talking, but I miss ReBoot. Coming in at the end of the original “cyberpunk” movement in science fiction, this show captured a lot of the zeitgeist of that period of the genre.


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