HBO Adapting Isaac Asimov’s FOUNDATION TRILOGY

SF Signal reports that Jonathan Nolan is penning an adaptation of Asimov’s seminal Foundation Trilogy. Having just watched Interstellar I can say that Nolan has the chops to pull this off. I’m not a huge fan of Foundation, or Asimov in general, but if anyone can do it, Nolan can.

I am also a bit leery; I don’t know that there is enough “action” for any adaptation of Foundation to be successful in the modern audience. Sure, it’s high concept, brilliant science fiction, but it’s ponderous. Foundation is a novel of ideas, and having a bunch of characters sitting around thinking does not make for riveting television.

In any case, I know that Simply will be all over this…

Adaptation Watch: Finally…HBO Adapting Isaac Asimov’s FOUNDATION TRILOGY as Written by Jonathan “Interstellar” Nolan – SF Signal


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