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Painted: !!!
Painted: J. Michael Straczynski wants to reboot Babylon 5 as a big budget movie

Mouldy: yeah. I just caught that from a different source. I am not convinced

Painted: JMS made the announcement at comic con

Mouldy: oh, i am sure he’s doing it. I’m just not convinced it’s needed

Painted: /slap
Painted: =D

Mouldy: I want more B5 as much as the next fan, but a reboot? Colour me unexcited.
Mouldy: To the blogosphere!

Painted: Gotta be better than other reboots tho, jms can write

Mouldy: He’s no slouch, that is certain. But
Mouldy: why not tell some other story? like the psi war, or the fall of the Interstellar Alliance or what happened to babylon 3 (since we know what happened to B4). Or the war with the Drakh. Or what happened to the technomages. or any of about a hundred things.

Painted: B1-B3 were sabotaged during construction, no big stories there, I’d imagine
Painted: I acknowledge your point tho

Mouldy: Wheadon managed to pull off Serenity without rebooting Firefly. I think JMS could do at least a good a job with something like that.

Painted: True. But it is nice to think of B5 with a budget

Mouldy: Oh sure. The CGI would be killer.

Painted: Plus how do you squeeze any appreciable amout of the story into 2-3h?

Mouldy: You would have to rely on the fan base knowing that canon, but still make it approachable for the norms. Difficult task. It’s why I brought up Serenity

Painted: Lol reading some of the links- the actress who played the ISN anchor piped in on one of them in comments

Mouldy: ooh. just staring the comments myself

Painted: Yup Serenity is a clear parallel

Painted: Tvwise.co.uk article

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