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And so it begins…

Hello world. I am happy to join Simply Awesome in this new endeavour. He’s been talking about doing a review type blog about all things Star Trek for awhile now and I am excited that he’s allowed me to help. I am also glad that we won’t be restricting ourselves to just Star Trek. Science Fiction is a wide field and one that I have more or less devoted my life to. I’ve got a lot to say about it; most of it informed, some of it opinion and a lot of it will raise hackles on fans.

So I would like to propose a bit more fleshed out scale for our rating. I was thinking something like .4 Sub Rosas or .8 Balance of Terrors. The closer the episode (or movie or whatever) is to being bad, the closer it is to 1 Sub Rosa. The closer to awesome, the closer to 1 BoT. Predicated, of course, on Simply accepting the truth that Balance of Terror is the best Star Trek anything yet made. It’s a bit whimsical and a bit confusing, with a touch of QI (which if you aren’t familiar with, you should really be watching).

Glad you’ve joined us for the ride. It should be infuriating and fun (not necessarily in that order).

Mouldy Squid

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