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Welcome to Kosmos 954

Here we are, about to stand up on our soapboxes and spew forth opinionated diatribes regarding Science Fiction. Primarily we’re going to start with the low-hanging fruit, Star Trek.

This blog was born out of discussions Moldy Squid and myself would have over beer or scotch, discussing the different books, movies, and television episodes and series we enjoyed or hated. We’d discuss plot points, specific examples of good or bad stories, and what we would change to improve things. Needless to say, due to the beer consumed, many of these conversations were lost in the haze of too much beer or scotch.

I remember a specific conversation we had where in the space of fifteen or twenty minutes we had re-written the Star Wars prequels into a far tighter, better story that made more sense, hung together better, and had some wonderful story-beat echos of the original trilogy. I really wish I could remember the specifics (see the beer and scotch comments above), but to this day I recall vividly Moldy stating, “I can only conclude that George Lucas has never seen Star Wars.”

Fast forward several (too many) years. Moldy and I are once again chatting about this stuff- Star Trek in this case, at the same time we had both been craving some sort of creative output. I commented that I had been playing around with some websites but lacked content. Next thing you know, Kosmos 954 was born.

We’re planning on capturing the spirit of our conversations and distill them into text. We’re hoping to engage you, dear reader, to join our conversations- point out when we make mistakes, challenge our preconceptions, and let us know when we’re on track.


I think it’s going to be a fun ride. =D



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