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How We are Going About This

First off, we’re not going to go chronologically.

We thought about it, but I just can’t face doing Season 1 of TNG all in a block. I just can’t.

So instead, we’re going to bounce around as the whim takes us. We are going to start with a sort of “good episode/bad episode” structure (or vice-versa), but don’t hold us to it. It will be as the muse moves us, so when we feel it’s time to review an episode, we’ll do it. Suggestions are welcome.

Secondly, we’re going to be using a bit of an odd scale. We’re going to rate things from “Worst Trek Episode” (currently TNG 7×14, Sub Rosa) to “Best Trek Episode” (currently under debate between DS9 5×06 “Trials and Tribble-ations” and TOS 1×08 “The Balance of Terror“- we’ll be clarifying these goalposts as we go along).



And so it begins…
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