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Seveneves by Neal Stephenson release date and synopsis

Upcoming4me has listed the release date and short synopsis of the new Neal Stephenson book. I know that his dense and slow moving Baroque Trilogy lost a lot of his readers accustomed to his fast paced science fiction. Reamde wasn’t really science fiction (although it was very enjoyable) so it’s been a while since he’s played in the S/F playground. I am glad to see his return to what he does best.

Seveneves by Neal Stephenson release date and synopsis – Upcoming4.me

When the moon blows up, the earth’s atmosphere is predicted to go through changes that will eventually lead to a Hard Rain, a meteorite storm that could
last for thousands of years, rendering the earth’s surface uninhabitable. In preparation, the nations of the earth send an ark of humans to an International Space Station. But the Station isn’t immune to the galactic catastrophe and many of its people are lost, mostly men. When stability is reached, only seven humans remain, all of them women.

Jump forward thirty thousand years. Two peoples exist: those who survived on Earth, living rustic, primitive lives; and those who derived from the Seven Eves of the space station, affluent, sophisticated, organized sects looking to colonize the surface of earth. Stephenson’s next novel is an epic potboiler, with political and military intrigue, and plenty to say about evolution, genetic engineering, and civilization as we know it.


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