The Problems with rebooting ReBoot

Over at, Natalie Zutter discusses “Why We Shouldn’t Reboot ReBoot”. One of Hefferon’s big arguments was the need to update ReBoot’s structure, plot, and pop culture/technology references for a 21st-century, post-social media, cloud-inhabiting audience. Not only do these kids…


Down and Out in Gotham

I have a weakness for Batman. I won’t claim to be a super-fan who can name every story-line in every issue from every variation of the character, but I have been enamoured with the Dark Knight since Frank Millar’s seminal…


HBO Orders “Westworld” to Series

Hot on the news that HBO is adapting Asimov’s Foundation trilogy, HBO has announced that Christopher Nolan is also penning a television series based on the 1973 “classic” film Westworld. For those of you too young to have seen this…